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-Alan Keightley

"Be yourSelf-Leader" Yvonne Firdaus

#Self-Leadership Expert # Specialist for New Work Culture #Inspirational Speaker # High-Performance Coach 

I’m living my mission to be a leading voice for others who are committed creating a self-directed, content and successful life and to live up to their highest potential. I am happy to serve aspiring people who have decided to become their best version.

If you find yourself with one or more of the following statements, I’m happy that you have arrived here now: Have you ever….

…felt that there should be more to your life?
…felt like you miss purpose and meaning in your life?
…felt that your role isn’t playing to your greatest strength?
…felt that you have untapped potential you never get to use?
…felt like someone else sits in the drivers seat of your life?
…felt a lack of support in making the leap to something new?
…felt lonely in your relationship(s)?
…felt like a traitor when you are compromising yourself?
…felt sad that you are lacking time for your family?
…felt that your work isn’t valued?
…felt unmotivated about your visible options?
…felt like you needed support to see your next level?

Since you have chosen to take on your life circumstances, let me inspire, motivate, teach and coach you to become a powerful Self-Leader to be more prosperous, have more fun and create a bigger impact in the world! If you’ve already arrived, let me interview you!

Prepare For A Life Raft And Drastically Speed Up Your Progress!
Begin To Live Your Self-Directed Life!
Always Do Your Best And Give All!
It’s Your Perspective This World Needs!


I follow my vision and purpose to create a world in which finding its own potential is the highest goal and to inspire and lead others to create a self-directed life.

My journey began with years of school failure, panic attacks, self-limiting beliefs and a general cluelessness, but also an abundance of curiosity and determination not to accept the status quo. I was 16 years old, when I decided no longer be a victim of my past and instead, to begin to take full responsibility of my present circumstances. I only knew I needed to find a different context, which allowed me to explore the world my way. After a training as an industrial clerk and studying social education, the decision to move to Southeast-Asia saved my life!

Since then, I have successfully shaped my life on my own terms and have allowed my best version to take the drivers seat. Through the years of my entrepreneurial life and study of sustainable development in London, I have come to experience and value many very different life perspectives that have given me a broad and deep understanding of the colours of life. Back in Europe I’ve been building coworking platforms to inspire, support and empower independent professionals to take ownership of their careers and professional lives.


…that the reason for life is to find our gift and share it with others
…that life is not mediocrity but excellence
…that we are a mirror of our context
…that choice and intention are the most important things for a happy and successful life
…that curiosity outsmarts fear
…that it is not obstacles but fear that holds us back
…that owning our purpose is sustained happiness
…that self-belief is the ultimate quality that transforms our vision into reality
…that struggles are opportunities for growth
…that instinct shall be our most trusted leader
…that comparisons are nothing but waste of lifetime
…that questioning the status quo is a precondition for development

In addition to learning about life, I have a passion for interior design, motorcycling, Pina Bausch, the saxophone and the outdoors. I have two grown-up children and a beautiful home base is Germany and work about six month a year in South-Europe and Southeast-Asia.


Through my own experience, research and interviews with successful people, I developed powerful ways, leading others to create a successful life under their own terms. I share my message through my blog, inspirational speaking gigs, my podcast, online programs and coaching.

I BLOG TO INSPIRE and lead others to create a life and a business you love leading! Here I share amazing stories about self-leadership, insights and lessons, latest facts and actionable how to’s!

I SPEAK to various audiences at events, meetings or conferences TO MOTIVATE people through my own journey and other people’s successes to start to take on the leading role in their life. Talks can be in English or German. Book me for your next event and let me inspire you and your audience about the power of Self-Leadership!

I PODCAST TO SHARE experiences and visions from successful and progressive minded people, who have led themselves to a happy self-directed life in my interviews. If you think you would be a great person to interview, please click here.

I CREATE online-programs TO TEACH Self-Leadership guiding you step by step through consecutive modules.

I COACH TO TRANSFORM your mindset and skill set to become a high-performance self-directed leader, be more prosperous, have more fun and create a bigger impact in the world.  Clarity of direction and speed in a proven process will ensure valuable, lasting and fast results.

Since you are prepared to take the steps to get things moving your direction, let me show you how to start!

Since you are open to challenge your version of a successful life, let me guide you to find clarity and certainty!

Since you decided to create the life conditions that will make you blossom, let me be your sparring partner to be accountable to.

Since you have committed to find and achieve your life’s next level, let me empower you to make sure changes stick.

Expect lasting results, but also unexpected, more-than-expected and life-changing results. Interested in One-on-One coaching?  Click here to let me know what is going on in your world and how I may be able to help. I coach in English and German.

To achieve excellence assure to stay awake, adjust to new ideas, remain vigilant and face the challenge of change

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