It describes firstly the intention and secondly the decision to create and live a life under terms and conditions, that allow you to become your best version. Thirdly, it is ultimately the unwavering commitment and continuous implementation that make great self-leaders stand out. In that sense Self Leadership means that you are aware of your motivations, your talents and your goals as well as being able to control and lead your conversations, emotions and habits. Applying these principles to your life and your role as a leader is what Self Leadership stands for.

The skills are more characteristics than skills. They relate to the mindset and the skillset refers to the habits that support the mind to make sure we stay on the path. The main characteristics are:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-motivation
  • Accountability
  • Openness towards change
  • Proactivity
  • Curiosity
  • Determination


Leadership is the ability to influence people. Self Leadership is the ability to influence yourself.

I found that most people use both terms synonymously for the same thing. But I think Self Leadership refers to the concept of subjectivity whereas personal leadership refers to the concept of objectivity. Results depend on context. In my work, I ask people to find their own definition of success and then shape the appropriate context; that is subjective, as life.

In many conversations I have learned that there seems to be a great misunderstanding about how a self-determined life should lool like, so that it is self-determined. Many people think that in order to live a self-determined life, they need to become self-employed, give up their jobs, travel the world, build an online business, and live a globally independent life. That’s absolute nonsense. You are the person who decides what your self-determined life looks like. Many may have chosen this “global-online-path”. That’s probably why some misunderstandings occured. I personally know many people who live a very successful self-directed live in their local communities, enjoy a fulfilling job and are happy to take over the upbringing of their children.

Whatever is excellent for me might be different for you and vice versa. Excellence means to always do your best and to give all. If you are 100% committed to your goal and align your actions accordingly you are excellent and are always enough!

You do have a leadership role. All of us also have leadership roles in our personal lives. We are all leaders! You may not have a official leadership role, but every person must possess self-leadership skills in order to create a successful life. That said, every manager must be a self leader.

Simply put: When you know who you are and where you are going you’ve found the map leading you to happiness. Whenever we move toward our potential we are filled with pure joy! As we grow strong internally we get better results at work and in your personal life, because our body, mind and soul are in alignment. Actually, as we grow into mastering Self-Leadership we get outstanding results and experience more success we ever thought we could. Self-Leadership is the oldest way of human being to gain happiness and success. We only have lost track of the path for a while, as we have been blinded by the digital power.