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Great Success Through The Gifts Of Struggle

Welcome your challenges

Do you know that the most successful people in the world often struggled so hard, that it felt like hell? And that those most challenging situations often were actually their fuel that became ultimately their success? It seems strange at first, but when you think about it, it does make sense.

When we realise that mastering big struggles is a supportive ingredient for great success, we have a greater understanding why, on the other hand, people are also often unsuccessful despite the best of preconditions such as money, education and great social networks. So, failure occurs among so called privileged and non-privileged people. But a lack of opportunities to learn how to master struggles isn’t favourable for success.

What is “real privilege” made of?

Let’s put it another way: While people dealing with big roadblocks, often start off slow and small, by foot only, but with time to study closely what happens around them. Eventually, they meet a river that they have to cross. They never built a bridge before, but they are doing it anyway. The bridge isn’t strong enough, they fall into the water, crawl to the edge, get dry and start over…eventually they reach the freeway. Let’s call these people “the Nancy’s.”

What do you think? Does John or Nancy have a greater chance of coping with difficulties? Which of the two is probably more innovative? Who will be the better leader for their team? Who the more empathetic parent? The answer is Nancy! She has learned through observation how other people dealt with their difficulties and through her experiences, to use her creativity, to effectively master problems.


Hardship is an opportunity and privilege to learn about life!

Why I’m sharing this with you? I want you to appreciate challenges and start looking at them with different eyes to realise the power they hold. It is the struggle that makes us stronger. It is the struggle through which we must expend more effort and the struggle that gives us more opportunities to learn. If we can honour the struggle, it can become our strongest weapon for our success.

Read my personal story when I had to “abandon my baby” and how this difficult situation gave my life a new great direction. The fact that struggles are not only problems, but also possibilities became also clear when my children, both of whom had a full scholarship for an international school, told me about some unhappy, very privileged students who did not know what to do with their lifes. They had all financial possibilities, but nothing that aroused their passion and nothing that seemed worth a real effort. Everything was pretty easy and in their immediate reach. They didn’t ever had to solve any serious problem in their life, because there was none. This was their biggest struggle.



Be aware of the opportunities that come with your struggles. Own them and understand them as gift for your growth. Reflect and name your privileges. Who are they and where are they coming from? Are you privileged by money or by challenges or both? How can you take advantage of your struggles? How can they serve you best?

I hope this perspective encourages you to honour your struggle and make the best of it! I am sure you are privileged!

And if you are one of the “Bill’s” or one of my kids classmates, then go and create challenges that let you grow.

Be yourSelf-Leader!

Sincerely yours, Yvonne

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